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This Week in History – First Live TV Broadcast from Space


The crew of Apollo 7 transmitted the first live broadcast television aboard an American manned spacecraft. Astronauts Walter M. Schirra Jr. (on right), mission commander; and Donn F. Eisele, command module pilot; are seen in the first live television transmission from space. Schirra is holding a sign which reads, “Keep those cards and letters coming in, folks!” Out of view at left is astronaut Walter Cunningham, lunar module pilot. (Source: NASA)

West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Kelly V. Landers recalls events of significance that occurred this week in history:

On October 10, 1973, Spiro Agnew plead no-contest to tax evasion and resigned his office.

On October 11, 1968 Apollo 7, the first manned mission in the Apollo space program, launched on an Earth-orbital mission.

On October 12, 1492, explorer Christopher Columbus first made landfall in the New World.

On October 13, 1792 the cornerstone of the White House was laid in Washington, D.C.


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