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Battle of Iwo Jima

This Week in History – The Battle of Iwo Jima


Featured Photo, Above: Photographer Joe Rosenthal snapping a posed shot minutes after taking the most reproduced photograph in the history of photography. The foot of Mt. Suribachi is in the background.  (Source: USMC archives)

West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Kelly V. Landers recalls events of significance that occurred this week in history.

On February 22, 1732, George Washington was born.

On February 23, 1840, two U.S. naval officers filed a salvage suit claiming the right to the schooner La Amistad and its cargo, 53 slaves.  Former President John Quincy Adams argued for the slaves’ right to mutiny.

On February 23, 1945, Joe Rosenthal photographed 5 U.S. Marines and a Navy corpsman raising a flag during the Battle of Iwo Jima, among the most famous photos ever made.

On February 24, 1868, the U.S. House of Representatives impeached President Andrew Johnson.  He was later acquitted.

On February 26, 1993, a truck bomb exploded in the parking garage of the World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring 1,042.

On February 27, 1973 the American Indian Movement took over Wounded Knee, South Dakota, leading to a 71 day standoff.


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