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Women & Prohibition

This Week In History: Prohibition Begins in 1919


West Palm Beach criminal lawyer Kelly V. Landers recalls events of historical significance that occurred during this week in past years.

Prohibition Antique Sign







On October 26, 1881, Wyatt Earp, his two brothers, and Doc Holliday took on Ike Clanton’s gang in the famous gunfight at the OK Corral.

On October 26, 2001 U.S. President George W. Bush signed the USA Patriot Act into law.

On October 27, 1992 U.S. Navy radioman Allen Schindler, Jr. was beaten to death by a shipmate for being gay, leading to the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

On October 28, 1919 Despite President Woodrow Wilson’s veto, the US Congress passed the Volstead Act, enforcing prohibition of alcohol in the US.

On October 28, 1962 Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev announced that he had ordered Soviet missile bases in Cuba to be dismantled, ending the Cuban Missile Crisis.

On October 29, 1929 “Black Tuesday,” the catastrophic stock market crash of 1929 which began several days earlier, starts the Great Depression.

Quote:  “A miracle is simply a change in perception.”

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