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Miranda v Arizona, 1966

This Week in History: Miranda v. Arizona


West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Kelly V. Landers recalls events of significance that occurred this week in history.

On June 8, 1917 Byron Raymond “Whizzer” White, the only NFL player to serve as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, was born.

On June 9, 1954 “At long last, sir, have you no sense of decency?” –Army counsel Joseph Welch confronting Senator Joseph McCarthy(R-Wis.).

On June 12, 1963 KKK assassinated NAACP field secretary Medgar Evers at his home in Jackson, MS.

On June 12, 1978 David Berkowitz was sentenced to 365 years in prison for the “Son of Sam” killings in New York.

On June 12, 1987 U.S. President Ronald Reagan, in a speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, challenged:  “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

On June 13, 1966 Miranda v. Arizona, established the mandatory warning of right to remain silent before custodial interrogation.

The saints are the sinners who kept on going.  -Robert Louis Stevenson

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Kelly and Liam, Phipps Park