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Annie Moore at ELlis Island

This Week in History – Ellis Island Shuts Down


Photo, above: 15-year-old Annie Moore (center), from Ireland, became the first person to pass through the newly opened Ellis Island January 2, 1892. On Nov. 12, 1954, Ellis Island, the gateway to America, shut its doors after processing more than 12 million immigrants since opening in 1892.

West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Kelly V. Landers recalls events of significance that occurred this week in history.

On November 8, 1908 Having fled the United States, famous outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were killed by police in Bolivia.

On November 7,1944, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was re-elected to an unprecedented fourth term as President.

On November 8, 2000, a recount of the presidential ballots began in Florida in the disputed 2000 election between Al Gore and George W. Bush.

On November 10, 1975, the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, one of the largest merchant ships on the Great Lakes, sank on Lake Superior during a storm.  All 29 crew members were lost.

On November 12, 1954, Ellis Island, the main entry point for immigrants to the United States, shut down, having processed millions of immigrants since 1892.

Quote:  “We made too many wrong mistakes.”        

-Yogi Berra

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Lucille at two years old, and present day!

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