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West Palm beach police to use body cameras

West Palm Beach Police Prepared to Use Body Cameras


Road patrol police officers in the City of West Palm Beach Police Department  began wearing body cameras April 1st.  Road patrol officers are the officers that you encounter during a traffic stop, or if you call 911 and an officer needs to come to your home. The use of body cameras is part of a nationwide trend to equip police officers with cameras, which allow officers to record shootings, arrests, and other encounters.

I believe this is encouraging news. Too many times my clients have been troubled by certain aspects of a traffic stop or a police visit at their home. There is hope, with the advent of body cameras, that many of these issues will disappear. It is believed that body cameras not only have the effect of recording events, but also will have an effect on the behavior of all individuals involved as it is being recorded. I believe this is a positive step forward.

It is my hope, although it is not planned at this time, that all interaction between the police and the citizenry will ultimately be recorded through the body camera program.  Of special interest to me is the use of body cameras in the questioning of clients by detectives and other police agents. It is not until this occurs that there will be transparency in all questioning and interrogations conducted by the police.

Remember to always use caution when speaking with the police — even if you are not considered a suspect in any crime, as what you say can be used against you in a court of law. When in doubt, talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney.