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Know Your Rights and Responsibilities When Charged with Domestic Violence


If you are charged in the criminal defense system with Domestic Battery, it is vital to have the representation of an experienced and ethical criminal defense attorney. While your case is pending (i.e., before you enter the courtroom), there are issues you need to be aware of that will affect the outcome of your case. Such issues include: no contact with the alleged victim, child visitation rights, and potential restraining orders. A seasoned attorney with trial experience will help you to understand your rights and responsibilities, so that you are prepared for your best possible criminal defense to clear your name.

The most frequent mistake individuals make when accused of domestic violence is not realizing the seriousness of the charges. Don’t assume the charges will be dropped; the courts take such matters seriously and so should the accused.

In many ways, a domestic battery charge can be used, and sadly often is, as a shortcut to the divorce proceedings. If you’ve been charged, protect your rights and give yourself peace of mind by contacting a criminal defense attorney today.  For more information about domestic battery, check out my recent blog post: Attorney Q&A: Domestic Battery.